The perfect beach outfit: inspired by your favourite celeb

The perfect beach outfit: inspired by your favourite celeb
Wednesday 28 June 2017

Going to the beach? These are severals musthaves to create the perfect beach day. Looking for an outfit that’s fun, fresh and fashionable just like your favourite celebs? Discover our 3 tips for your perfect beach outfit.

Pool floats

Ready for a swim in the pool or the sea? These pool floats are the coolest things in the world. Demi Lovato takes her Funboy cherry everywhere. More into cute animal pool floats? Charlotte Crosby and Kourtney Kardashian are having the time of their lives on their unicorn and flamingo pool float.

Demi Lovato cherry  Charlotte Crosby Unicorn Kourtney Kardashian flamingo


Without a stylish swimsuit the perfect beach outfit isn’t complete, right? One piece swimsuit or two pieces? Your choice! The printed swimsuits are very cute like the white one of Charlotte Crosby with the pineapple prints. More into a more classy bathing suit? The red ones by Amanda Steele and Kourtney Kardashian are super fashionable.

Charlotte Crosby Pineapple swimsuit  Amanda Steele Red swimsuit  Kourtney Kardashian Red swimsuit

Not into a one piece? These bikinis are perfect! Yellow, white or classy black? Selena Gomez, Amanda Steele and Charlotte Crosby are showing how to work it.

Amanda Steele yellow bikini  Selena Gomez white bikini  Charlotte Crosby black bikini


The icing on the cake? The coolest accessories! Demi is looking stunning with her Dior studded sunglasses while Vanessa is more into the cute look with her straw hat.

Vanessa Hudgens hat   Demi Lovato sunglasses

Want to know more about these perfect beach outfits and where to find them? Check Spott  and discover your favourite celebs.

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