Sweater Weather Essentials

Sweater Weather Essentials
Thursday 18 October 2018

With the holidays just around the corner and life speeding up during this time of year, we all need those style staples to throw on at a moments notice.  Sweaters are a perfect option for autumn to stay cozy. Even if you are partial to your favorite knit top picked up from the Gap, these trendy styles are sure to make you want to venture out.  


If you’re still yearning for more time to show off your summer bod, this cut is the perfect option for you!  Many brands are offering a selection of cropped sweaters at different lengths. We all know knitwear can become less attractive the bulkier it gets.  Choosing the right cropped piece can accentuate your curves and easily paired with a jacket.

Hailey Baldwin wears a Wilfred Free sweater.


Stripes are nothing new, but the classic pattern is offered in a variety of fun colors and thickness of stripes.  This simple pattern can add an extra element to your outfit while keeping it casual.

Sophie Turner wears an Isabel Marant sweater.


Like stripes a cable knit sweater this season is not revolutionary in any way, but designers have emphasized the traditional pattern with vintage silhouettes.  This includes puffed sleeves and high necklines.

Lily Aldridge wears cable knit sweater.


Contemplating if it’s too cold to wear a t-shirt but too warm to wear a sweatshirt?  Then definitely opt for a short sleeve sweater. These are perfect for layering on a jacket and dealing with the transitioning weather.  

Bella Hadid wears a short sleeve sweater.


Sweater dresses are an easy one piece garment that will keep you cozy and comfy all day.  Many stores are featuring oversized sweaters with a baggy fit, but some brands like Draper James have cute fitted knit dresses as well.  This gives the option to dress it up or down as much as you like. This style is usually accessorized with a knee high boot.

Katie Holmes wears an Isabel Marant oversized sweater.

Reese Witherspoon wears a Draper James dress.

Be sure to view more fall fashion inspiration HERE.

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