Recap | Best looks of the fall fashion weeks 2018

Recap | Best looks of the fall fashion weeks 2018
Tuesday 13 March 2018

Hi Spotters,

As all the Fall Fashion Week events have come to an end, we thought it was time to select some of our favorite looks. We are a little obsessed with celeb style, so we chose to select some of the most outspoken items they wore from the fall-collections! Ready to wear some of them for yourself?

PS: Be sure to click on the pictures to discover all the details about every look!

New York Fashion Week

First up, there was the New York Fashion Week, taking place from February 8th until the 16th. Some of our favorite celebs walked around wearing trendy and colorful looks.  Here are our top picks!

What do you think about this powerful entrance of Kendall Jenner at the Jimmy Choo show? Her Off-White outfit looks quite girly, but bold at the same time because of that flashy belt. Girlboss-alert! Although you could also say that about Hailey Baldwin‘s red appearance. She attended the Adidas event wearing a full sporty look whilst rocking those elegant stiletto’s.

Tom Ford knows how to dress men; this sporty-chic green combo suits Zayn amazingly. We especially love those sunglasses!

London Fashion Week

Next up, London Fashion Week took place from February 16th until the 20th. This week was filled with the most sophisticated outfits, but this long coat-trend caught our attention right away!

The ever so beautiful Keira Knightley rocked this very special smart but girly combo at the Burberry show. Not everyone could look as stunning in this outfit as Keira did! And did you catch a glimpse of Zendaya’s look at the Burberry show as well? With her ever-changing hair, Zendaya still managed to amaze us with those dramatic braids. We’re a big fan of the coat as well. Such an eye-catcher! And what do you think of Olivia Palermo‘s Valentino outfit? It looks like Red Riding Hood’s is real now!

Milan Fashion Week

Ready for some more daring men-outfits? At Milan’s Fashion Week during February 21th until the 27th, we saw these celebs rocking some inspiring looks.

Harry Styles was spotted in this Gucci look. We like how he combined the classy outfit with some statement jewelry! And that seems to be a trend: Lewis Hamilton shows his love for Versace wearing a checkered jacket and some eye-catching jewelry as well. We love the checkered-look that’s going on with these men! And how do you like this rocker-chick-look Olivia Palermo sported at the Tommy Hilfiger show?

Paris Fashion Week

Last but certainly not least, from February 27th until March 6th, Paris Fashion Week took place. A general sense of the current fashion mood could be detected: designers reacted to the #MeToo movement with a lot of looks that protected, comforted but also empowered women. These three looks amazed us the most!

As a brand ambassador of Louis Vuitton, Emma Stone is posing in her over-knee boots, styled with a girly dress and a black blazer. We like it! Check Sophie Turner as well, in her ultimate #girlboss red coatdress! We also had a weak spot for Michelle Williamswhite retro-look. We don’t know what we like the most, the ankle-boots or the black-and-white jacket!

Which trend for the upcoming fall do you like the most? Let us know!



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