New Year, New Styles To Look Out For

New Year, New Styles To Look Out For
Thursday 3 January 2019

As we wave goodbye to 2018, we welcome in the new year with a fresh eye on new styles and trends from the SS ‘19 runway shows.  Though it may be slightly early to break out a summer dress, it’s never too early to get a head start on snatching up some key pieces for the coming spring.  The most recent S/S fashion shows from designers like Rodarte, Marc Jacobs, and Valentino offered up quite an array of prints and fun silhouettes. From the revival of tie-dye to a new look of shorts, 2019’s fashion scene will be anything but boring.  We’ve broken down some of our most anticipated styles to inspire your wardrobe.


Couture designers are not ready to give up on ornate, printed gowns just yet in this overwhelmingly fast fashion industry.  To give a more modern take on the delicate floral dresses, creatives like Valentino are shortening dresses and playing around with vintage prints.


What’s not to love about the hippy era of the 70s.  The music was great and the style was out of this world.  The one aspect of the flower decade that we are seeing this 2019 is an abundance of tie-dye.  Shirts, pants, dresses, you name it the print is on it.


Bringing back a slightly more modest and humble approach to color schemes in 2019, designers are definitely working with neutral tones to an almost all monochromatic, earthy style.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish an all over beige look is with a linen button down jumpsuit.


The spring and summer season welcomes a whimsical and flowy style with an array of maxi dresses and lightweight dusters.  A structured satchel is a great way to style up a casual outfit for any time of the day.


Kim did it first, but she is not mad about the bike short trend craze she has invented.  She was initially seen out with her husband Kanye sporting bike shorts with a fitted black blazer.  The fashion icon had a split reaction to her fashion choice, but now everyone is catching on to it. These fitted stretch shorts work great with a blazer or a casual sweatshirt.  We’ll let you be the judge on this trend depending on how risky your fashion sense is.


Bring on the feathers for 2019!  Whether it’s a jacket or dress, a feather detail will be the perfect fix for party attire.

Be sure to stay up to date on more of the latest fashion trends HERE.

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