Necessity Plaid and Flannel Fits For Winter

Necessity Plaid and Flannel Fits For Winter
Wednesday 31 October 2018

If there’s one print that will never go out of style it will forever be plaid.  The universal and unisex textile has been a timeless piece for decades within fashion, and this winter it will be on full display.  The reasoning behind plaid’s staple in our closets is the versatility it offers. From knitwear to button-down shirts the tartan pattern can be exemplified on just about any product.  Now that the holiday season is just around the corner, plaid has been associated with a cozy, comfortable aesthetic that we all love. Many don a classic flannel shirt while spending some quality time with friends and family around a fireplace or dinner table.

F/W 2018’s haute couture looks portrayed many prints in different silhouettes.  From windowpane check to gingham, there was a piece photographed somewhere on the runway.  Some of the top designers to embrace the ageless print were Versace and Burberry, and they covered both the traditional to avant garde ends of the spectrum.  Thankfully for our wallets brands like Zara and Topman have great affordable options of plaid as well. Here we broke down the different ways to wear the print with some overall outfit inspirations.


Winter is all about layering, especially for men.  A lighter jacket can make it possible to pair a tee, hoodie, and outerwear all together to expand an outfit’s depth.

Kosta Williams wears a plaid jacket


It doesn’t necessarily matter what’s underneath, but a statement check overcoat can be a showstopper itself alone.  With the technology in the textile industry there are now vast variety of options in prints and hues. It’s up to the wearer if they want to keep it traditional with a warm feel or be bold with an eccentric blue.

Check coat paired with Vans sneakers


The weather can be pretty dicey around this time of year, and you may never know when rain is going to hit.  Besides an umbrella, stay dry and warm with a tartan trench. A trench can be dressed up or down depending on the location.  Just know this piece will compliment your outfit no matter what.

P.J. Tucker in Fear of God


For those Sunday strolls it’s easy to keep it casual yet trendy with a basic flannel shirt.  Some designers like Rails are finding new ways to make the feel even softer with the combination of Tencel and Rayon.

Teo in a plaid flannel shirt


Plaid pants are not only very fall festive, but they also can turn a few heads on the street.  Some influencers are toning down the suit pant by pairing it with a basic black tee.

Justin Livingston in plaid pants


The next time you need to suit up for an event take a leap and try a plaid or check suit.  It is more fun that a classic black blazer and gives more options to take subtle fashion risks.  Harry Styles was photographed in a Gucci suit but with to contrasting check prints.

Harry Styles in a Gucci suit

Be sure to check out some more menswear styles and inspiration here.

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