Most Relevant Men’s Streetwear Trends This Winter

Most Relevant Men’s Streetwear Trends This Winter
Thursday 15 November 2018

The term “streetwear’ originated around the surf and skate culture based out of California but has since expanded tremendously over the past decade.  The bigger than life slice of the fashion world has evolved into a rich lifestyle community, pulling influence from the hip hop culture and haute couture.  Sites like Complex Magazine has helped form a following around the ever changing trends and looks within street fashion. Due to the limited quantities of sought after brands such as Supreme, the price value of products has paralleled with luxury departments.

Thankfully fast fashion has opened the doors for affordable lookalikes to the hottest designs at stores like Asos, Forever 21, Boohoo, and Urban Outfitters.  This winter be ready for some loud statement trends and a few retro flashbacks. Here are a few of the biggest trends that you can expect to see over the next coming months.


These aren’t your average dad sneakers.  Bulky trainers are one of the hottest and craziest trends that is taking off.  Balenciaga and Yeezy initially started the craze and have been worn by some of the biggest name celebrities.  Now Gucci has joined the party and has created a variety of different chunky sneakers that sort of resemble a hiking boot.


It’s obvious that the key to staying warm while stepping outside during the colder season is to add layers.  This winter more power to you to dramatically bundle up. Not only will you stay cozy but it will add dimensions and depth to your overall outfit.


The aviator jacket is back and hotter than ever.  Many styles of jackets have seem to be drawn from references from the 70s, a more retro and simpler time.  Shearling, suede, and leather materials will dominate the jacket category this F/W.


Really crazy fabrications have been seen from the runway and lookbooks.  Some brands like Stone Island have created space-like jacket and tops that feature a metallic or translucent demeanor.  


Add a little edge to your style with playing around with camo this winter.  Camo is nothing new to the streetwear scene but it will prevail in jackets and pants this season.

Stay up to date on other latest trends within the streetwear industry HERE.

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