Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Fooled Us All

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Fooled Us All
Tuesday 2 October 2018

Ever since the unexpected engagement back in July, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have not left each other’s side.  Fans had mixed emotions about the impromptu move in relationship, but all in all it’s clear that these two are head over heels for eachother!  On September 13th, Bieber and Baldwin were spotted leaving the courthouse which they insisted was only to get their marriage license. Roughly a month after, we are now finding out that they actually DID get legally married that day.  Justin, 24 years old, spilled the beans during his visit to the Statford Perth Museum in Ontario, Canada where he referenced Hailey, 21, as his “wife”.

Hailey Baldwin wears head to toe Versace.


Apparently their secret scheme included having a preacher on hand and the witness Josh Mehl, Justin’s friend, present.  Neither sides had any additional family or friends at the courthouse. The decision was so last minute that surprisingly enough, Hailey nor Justin had time to sign a prenup.  They both had lawyers looking into a prenup, but there was just not enough time before their trip down the courtroom aisle.

Hailey Baldwin poses for Balenciaga.


With Justin’s worth sitting at around $250 million and Hailey’s a couple million as well, they do plan on signing a postnup.  However, at this time Justin is so in love and trusts their partnership will be for the long run, so there is no rush at the moment.  Justin and Hailey are now in the midst of planning a larger, more public wedding for their family and friends. No date has yet been set.

Check out more of Justin’s and Hailey’s style here.

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