Inspiration | The perfect Halloween night ?

Inspiration | The perfect Halloween night ?
Thursday 26 October 2017

Hi Spotters,

It’s that time of the year again… Halloween! We shake like a jelly pudding and have sweaty hands 24/7 while watching our favorite horror movie. We eat all those Halloweeny snacks and carve scary faces in our pumpkins. And why are there so many perfect Halloween costumes in this world? We weren’t able to choose one outfit, so that’s why we want to show you a lot of inspirational items for the scariest night of the year. Ready to discover some delicious snacks and the perfect horror movie? Keep on scrolling!


We can all agree that Halloween isn’t succesful without dressing up. Your outfit doesn’t have to be really scary, but can be funny instead. Look at these cool ones below! Would you dare to dress up as a character from your favorite cartoon? Or would you rather choose something more safe, such as dressing like a celeb?

Halloween collage celeb

It’s very funny to see Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevigne dressed up as Mario and Luigi from the well-known game Super Mario. This is the perfect outfit to wear with your bestie! Or would you rather dress up like princess Peach?  We have to admit Emily Ratajkowski knows how to dress like a queen. Did you think of Cleopatra when spotting her outfit? We’re a big fan! But that’s also the case with Alessandra Ambosio’s outfit. Look at that red color suiting her perfectly. She looks like a modern version of the Little Mermaid, but also represents Jessica Rabbit very well! Wow! And last but not least, look at the funny family on the right. Kourtney Kardashian surely knows how to wear matching outfits! Do you like these costumes of the Power Rangers? We do! Good job guys!


Around this time of the year, everywhere you look, you can see orange decoration. A pumpkin over here or some (hopefully fake!) spiders over there, the more Halloweeny, the better. That’s why we want to share some decoration inspiration with you!

Oh, don’t you wish it was Halloween every day, all year long? Look how cute you can decorate your home, and it doesn’t always have to be very orange. White and black represent the special day as well! But we wouldn’t say no to a home full of pumpkins, of course.


You never need an excuse to eat. Especially when seeing these scary (but yummy!) snacks. Are you hungry yet? Hehe. But be safe and don’t put your fingers between those sandwiches. It is possible someone might mistake them for delicious sausages. Okay, the pictures are taken. Can we eat it all now, please? Do you need some more inspiration? You can check out this video!

Top 3 movies

When it gets darker outside, turn on the heating, grab a comfy blanket and some of our Halloweeny snacks! Put on one of these scary horror movies and enjoy! Especially for you, we asked every one in our office to share their favorite horror movies, and these made the final list. A classic movie to start with: “Scream!” To continue, a must seen horror movie: “IT”. Brrrr… And last but not least, “When a Stranger Calls”. Enjoy! And don’t get too scared…

Are you scared yet? We certainly are! Let’s go spoooooky, enjoy your Halloween!



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