Inspiration | 5 basic musthaves for your wardrobe

Inspiration | 5 basic musthaves for your wardrobe
Thursday 18 January 2018

Hi Spotters,

So many shops offer sales this time of the year. This is the perfect opportunity to fill up your wardrobe with timeless musthaves. We’ve all been there: “I already have so many jackets, why should I buy another one?”. We have the perfect excuse for you: everybody needs good staple items to build his/her wardrobe on. These items will always stay fashionable, so consider them an investment, which you’ll enjoy for years and years to come. Want to shop the look of every celebrity? Just click on the pictures!

The jacket

With a cute (p)leather jacket you can finish every look. It pairs perfectly with this stunning dress Meghan Markle is wearing. Don’t worry, you don’t need a fancy dress, you can also dress it down in a more casual way, like Julie did.

Spott the looks of Meghan Markle & Bibleoffashion

Ripped jeans

You either hate or love them! Look at these beautiful ones Hilary Duff and Jennifer Aniston are wearing. You can choose the number of rips on your distressed jeans. Tip: maybe you should check the weather first and then decide which one you’re going to wear.

Spott the looks of Hillary Duff & Jennifer Aniston

Little black dress

Don’t know what to wear at a party? You can never go wrong with a black dress, which makes this one an absolute musthave. Do you like the one Taylor Swift is wearing? Or do you prefer Kylie Jenner’s one? A sexy or classy black dress always works!

Spott the looks of Taylor Swift & Kylie Jenner

Perfect boots

You don’t have to wear heels to look classy, but with these boots you’re always good to go! Do you like to wear heels, just like Lady Gaga is famous for? Or would you rather finish off your look with these flat ones Chrissy Teigen is wearing?

Spott the looks of Lady Gaga & Chrissy Teigen


We can all agree that it doesn’t need to be summer to wear a pair of beautiful shades. Winter or summer, your eyes will be perfectly protected by wearing sunglasses! So you better choose a fashionable pair, right?! Jennifer Lopez likes to wear sunglasses, but we also spotted Meghan Markle wearing a beautiful pair of sunnies.

Spott the looks of Jennifer Lopez & Meghan Markle

Ready to fill up your wardrobe with these basic musthaves?!



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