Frequent Flyer Fashion Necessities That All Celebs Are Wearing

Frequent Flyer Fashion Necessities That All Celebs Are Wearing
Monday 21 January 2019

Travelling the world may sound like one of the dream aspects of being a celebrity or model, but in hindsight the jetset attire can become quite redundant.  Step into any airport and you will see an abundance of oversized hoodies, sweatpants, and ultra cozy clothes. The comfort level is taken to the next level, so how do you manage looking cute without trying to be pegged as too extra?  

First and foremost, being inspired and relevant with the latest trends can help pull the perfect travel-day outfit together.  With altheisure still on the rise, there are some go-to pieces that are great to wear even if you need to beeline it to the terminal because, let’s face it, we usually are “fashionably” late.  Here are some of the top necessities being worn by celebs in airports around the world. They are sure to keep your style on point and travel belongings organized.


Gigi Hadid makes her way to Milan for the fashion shows in a printed bomber and grey wrapped scarf.  A scarf is the perfect accessory to keep warm while also having the ability to transform into a pillow.


If you want to keep it casual with basic leggings or a track suit, layering a statement coat can elevate your outfit without trying too hard.  It’s simply a one piece wonder.


Even though most of us roll our eyes at those obnoxious branded pieces (Hint: Gucci), when travelling a well constructed logo hoodie can subtly prove that you care for quality even if the outfit is casual.


Rihanna is a prime example of looking like a rockstar at the airport sporting Ugg boots.  They’re super comfy and are such a recognizable brand by many.


Those odd travel hours have our eyes usually looking sleepy and there’s no time to throw on makeup.  Classic black sunglasses like Ray-Bans are an easy solution to covering up the jetlag.


It’s so hard to know exactly what you’ll need for a trip, so mine as well bring a big enough bag to pack everything including snacks.

Be sure to check out more fashion and travel style tips HERE.

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