Emily Ratajkowski Slaps Back at Trolls Over Her Bra-Less Outfit

Emily Ratajkowski Slaps Back at Trolls Over Her Bra-Less Outfit
Thursday 29 November 2018

It’s been roughly a month now since the protest rally in regards to the highly publicized trial for Brett Kavanaugh took place. Amongst the 300 participants of the rally was Emily Ratajkowski, who unintentionally fired up some trolls over her outfit. The 27-year-old model and actress wore a white cropped tank and high-waisted jeans but skipped the bra.

The lack of lingerie provoked a tremendous amount of backlash over social media, many commenting how it contradicted the cause for the protest entirely. For the first time since the event in Washington DC, Ratajkowski has opened up to Stellar about the incident when asked if she was surprised by the effect it concurred. “I was. I knew being there would be important and I knew some people would find it controversial, but I never expected anyone to talk about why I wasn’t wearing a bra under my tank top. It was 32 degrees, I was marching through D.C. in jeans; my outfit seemed completely normal to me. And I was there making a political point. Why would people focus on what I was wearing?”

Alongside Ratajkowski in the march was the vivacious comedian, Amy Schumer. The two were advocates for the cause and went to the extent of even being arrested that same day. Once the debate over Ratajkowski’s outfit ensued, Schumer rallied behind her bestie and lightened the mood posting on Instagram, “People are trolling @emrata for not wearing a bra while she got arrested. Well for starters I wasn’t wearing a bra either.'”

Ratajkowski is known for her sensuous style and never shies away from flaunting her body through fashion. Many of her Instagram photos feature braless looks, which have actually inspired many girls to be more confident in not just their body but their social media decisions as well. Her unwavering self awareness has gained her large and loyal fanbase that has predominantly outweighed any minuscule action that some took offense to.

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