Corduroy’s Comeback In Menswear

Corduroy’s Comeback In Menswear
Tuesday 9 October 2018

Many of us would rather not take a step back into the 70s and consider wearing some of the wacky styles.  It was a time dedicated to obnoxious tie dye prints, bell-bottomed jeans, and folk-embroidered shirts.  However, the one prevailing product that is slowly making a comeback is corduroy.  Prior, the fabric was known to be rathy unsexy and worn by old professors in musty libraries, but now designers are modernizing the material in ways to cater to the trendsetters of menswear.  

Corduroy does in fact have some really great traits.  It has a construction similar to velvet but holds the durability and resilience of denim.  With the technology today to manipulate new fabrications, corduroy can be used for a variety of different products ranging from suits to casual trousers.  The versatility is endless, along with the options of colorations. For some insight regarding how to wear corduroy this fall, we are breaking it down piece by piece.


Jackets are an essential piece in any guy’s closet.  We all have that one that goes with everything and can just be layered on as walking out the door.  Many casual corduroy jackets are offered in neutral, warm tones to pair well with anything underneath.  To keep your look more streetwear, throw on a corduroy jacket over a basic white or black tee.

Kosta Williams takes a stroll outside in a corduroy jacket.


Like stated before, corduroy has great durability and works well as pants material.  This season many influencers are opting for a wide legged, cropped trouser in an olive-brown hue.

Deandre Hopkins wears Maison Margiela corduroy trousers.


Elevate your outfit with a more detailed utility jacket.  To dress up a look, layer a turtleneck sweater underneath to give that true fall weather feel.  

Gabriel Cohen wears a Lane Crawford corduroy jacket.


Instead of paying the hefty price for a luxurious velvet suit, corduroy suits are more affordable and have the same textural effect.  The chorded material has many rich attributes that it’s sure to be a show stopper.

Zayn Malik poses in a corduroy suit with Gigi Hadid.

Check out more corduroy styles and inspiration here.

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