6 ways how celebs style their tattoos

6 ways how celebs style their tattoos
Wednesday 15 November 2017

Hi Spotters,

You probably noticed this already, but a lot of people get a tattoo these days. It can be a very minimalistic one, others take it a step further and get a big tattoo. Anyways, this trend probably started in Hollywood, because we see a lot of celebrities who are suddenly showing off their new tattoos on different occasions. They make their tattoo really stand out by choosing a specific item to wear that accentuates their tattoo. Given that a lot of people want to know everything about the tattoos of their favorite celebrity, we’d like to show you how people like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and others extend their style by using a tattoo. Interested in matching your outfit with a tattoo on your collarbone, a sleeve or a minimalistic tattoo on your hand? Keep scrolling down!

Collarbone & decolleté

Rihanna has a tattoo on her collarbone that says ‘never a failure, always a lesson’. You may notice you can’t actually read it. Why? Because it’s written backwards! She can read it in the mirror, which is a cute idea. She likes to wear an off-the-shoulder dress to really accentuate that tattoo and to not have a strap of her dress covering it up. Smart thinking! Another example: Rihanna has big wings tattooed on her chest, but Cheryl Cole or Bella Thorne go for a more minimalistic tattoo. Can you spott them? You see, you don’t really have to wear a heavy cut out dress, you can also choose to wear something like Rihanna‘s orange crop top. Or combine your tattoos with a lot of accessories, like necklaces!

Something that’s really trendy when festival season approaches, are fake tattoos. You can find them in all kinds of forms, shapes and colors. Celebrities also like to play with fake tattoos once in a while. Look at Cara Delevingne rocking those beautiful flower tattoos! The particular shape of her jumpsuit really accentuates them perfectly.


Demi Lovato really thought about making sure her tattoo could stand out while wearing this white top. Her top is cut out very low, which is why you can clearly see the tattoo Demi has on her ribs. What does it mean? There are actually five series of Roman numerals, which represent the birthdays of her family members. To show she’s really proud of that tattoo, she often wears clothing that draws attention to the tattoo, such as this top in the picture above!

Selena Gomez knows how to style her tattoo as well. Every time she’s wearing a backless dress, you can really see it. It states ‘love yourself first’ in Arabic. It’s not necessary to wear something with an cut out back, you can also wear a more subtle outfit, like Jessica Szohr did.


Rihanna doesn’t only have tattoos in the front of her body, she’s also well known for the cute stars she has tattood on her back. How does she style them? First of all, it’s a really good idea to put on earrings that are stars as well. In that way the earrings are an extension of her tattoo. To make them pop out even more, she’s wearing a backless dress. Gorgeous, right?! Leona Lewis has a similar approach, but she chooses to combine the subtle tattoo on her back with a one shoulder dress, which is less revealing. What does the tattoo represent? Well, it’s a poetical tribute to her favorite animal: the horse.

Lady Gaga chooses a dress with an open back to show off her moth-tattoo in it’s full glory. It’s a very unique piece of clothing, but perfect to wear and style with this tattoo! Which is also the case when looking at Angelina Jolie‘s dress where you can clearly see her lower back tattoo that represents a tiger. We love the contrast of such a sturdy tattoo and a very feminine dress.
Last but not least: Cheryl Cole. Her dress is a special item on it’s own, but the tattoo makes her outfit look even more sophisticated. Well done!


A pair of shoes can really make or break your outfit. Why not style your shoes to match the tattoo on your foot? We have Mel C rocking those black ankle boots, in combination with her colorful snake-tattoo. Those boots really make her tattoo stand out!

You can also make your tattoo look like an accessory. Nicole Richie chooses not to wear a lot of eccentric jewelry but rather focuses on her tattoo in combination with her long, white dress. It’s not a coincidence that her split is on the left, which makes the tattoo on her left foot stand out! Nice styling! Compliments to Demi Lovato as well, who makes the tattoo on her foot really stand out by wearing an all-black outfit. Okay, let’s be honest: first you see her popping red lips. But the next thing your attention is drawn to, is the tattoo on her foot!

Blac Chyna likes to cover up the tattoo on her foot a bit more, but still chooses to style it by wearing those special sandals.


Boys with sleeves, some love it, some hate it. Sometimes it can be a bit too much, but when men cleverly style their clothing to focus on their tattoos, we get excited. Wearing a simple, basic T-shirt really ads an interesting dimension! As you can see, Ed Sheeran, Adam Levine, David Beckham and  Justin Bieber all know how to do it. Don’t their outfits look really cool like this?


Look at these celebrities rocking a tattoo on their hand! It’s always a risky idea to have that permanent mark on your hand, but when styling it well, a tattoo can really be a part of your outfit. Ìn this case, the impressive outfit Demi Lovato is wearing, gets an extra touch with the beautiful lion-tattoo on her hand. That’s also the case with Rihanna: the outfit she chooses to wear, really accentuates her tattoos, especially the one on her hand!

Choosing a particular nail-art can also be a really cute way to accentuate the tattoo on your hand. For example, Cara Delevingne and Ariana Grande (and Demi Lovato as well!) choose to have a very minimalistic nail-art to make sure their tattoos really stand out. Attention to detail? Check! We especially love the hat Cara Delevigne rocks!

We hope you’ve got enough inspiration to really go and style your outfit like the celebrities do. Would you like to know more about their styling? Be sure to let us know!



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