6 Must Menswear Trends To Keep Rocking In 2019

6 Must Menswear Trends To Keep Rocking In 2019
Wednesday 16 January 2019

Menswear, much like womenswear, has become an inevitable revolving door of fast fashion trends cycling in and out.  Just after a shopping haul to stay up to date you scroll through your Instagram feed only to find a scattered collection of hot products that may or not be relevant the next day.  Fashion is fun but can easily elevate to frustration primarily due to this current state of the industry. Yet even with the struggle between looking sharp while holding tight to your wallet, there still is hope.  

Some of the best menswear movements and timeless pieces will carry over into this new year of 2019.  From those cozy shearling jackets to more formal velvet suits, don’t clean out your closet just yet. Here are some key elements to recycle from 2018 to assist with this being your best dressed year yet.


Much like most previous seasons, the skate culture inspires a large division of the fashion scene.  Athletes and musicians continue to rock a more polished take on casual t-shirts and enviable sneakers, thanks to brands like Amiri and Vetements.


Brown, beige, and other neutral earthy tones made their way through 2018 and will prevail in this year as well.  A head to toe combination of a similar color is easy to accomplish and will turn a few heads. Keeping it as simples as pairing a similar colored t-shirt, jacket, and pants will get the job done.


The necessity to stay warm while looking great is the best of both worlds.  Jackets and coat are essentials in any wardrobe, but unfortunately are usually the most expensive.  Cycling your cozy shearling lined jacket into 2019 is definitely approved. All tactile textures are still on trend for the coming colder months.  


Holding onto the love for neutral trends this winter, the military inspired jackets and trousers are still great pieces to wear.  With ample amount of pockets and zippers, the detailings add elements to any outfit and help keep your hands free while out and about.


While winter is still upon us, many are dreaming of the next vacation to warmer weather.  Get your tropical kick with sporting a cuban collared shirt. It may not be in the Bahamas but it sure will heat up your style.  The best way to wear this shirt now is to layer a basic tee underneath and throw on a jacket over the shirt. Many brands, such as Asos and Topman, offer endless amount of prints in this style to choose from.


The awards shows like The Golden Globes and Oscars are all the hype, and we get to indulge in the finest suits.  Some of the freshest formal wear happen to be loud and bold suits by designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford.  A head to toe matching material seems to still be relevant and makes shopping a one stop spot. Whether it’s prints or unique textures like velvet, anything slightly different will definitely make a scene.

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