5 Ways To Add a Neon Note To Your Winter Wardrobe

5 Ways To Add a Neon Note To Your Winter Wardrobe
Wednesday 7 November 2018

“Bold” and “risky” may not necessarily be terms some describe you as (let alone your style), but this winter it may be time to step out of the neutral comfort zone for a change.  As terrifying it may be, neon is back and brighter than ever. The Fall/Winter 2018 runway was scattered with many luminous looks within collections from designers like Prada, Valentino, and Prabal Gurung.  The vivid hues can not only elevate your outfit but will be sure to catch the eye of viewers on their IG feed. As daunting as the loud accent may seem to endow, we have broken down ways to ease into the 80s inspired trend this season effortlessly.


Keeping to the basics is key when styling in such a loud color.  A solid tank or crop top with a neon tone makes a statement enough, eliminating the need of any print.

Jourdan Sloane wears a neon top.


Pairing an lightning bolt yellow (or just about any color) jacket like Romee Strijd with a black pant can give a great contrast.  Don’t be afraid to live on the wild side and have fun with the brighter tones and silhouettes of the jackets this season. Some of our top picks are puffer jackets, fitted moto, and dusters.

Romee Strijd in a yellow Off-White jacket


Let’s sweat it out in style before the holiday festivities.  When picking out your outfit for the gym opt for a neon legging and sports bra.  Many brands have a large variety of colors to choose from, including matching products.  Khloe stepped out a few days ago in a head to toe neon ensemble.

Khloe Kardashian in a neon outfit


With a more fancier occasion, and neon suit may be the way to go.  Jesy Nelson turned heads at the MTV EMAs dressed in a bold pink outfit.  Choosing this eye catching color is sure to turn heads within a crowd.

Jesy Nelson in a Forever Unique neon suit


If you still find yourself lenient to take the leap into a full on neon outfit, nurse your way into it.  This can be as simple as starting with accessories. Bags, shoes, and other additions to enhance an outfit are supposed to be fun and innocent picks.  Jourdan Sloane still embraced her love for a darker color while pairing a neon quilted purse with her modest suit.

Jourdan Sloane accessorizes with a neon Chanel bag.

Be sure to stay up to date with trends and the latest celebrity/influencer looks HERE.

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