5 Basics That Will Add A Cool Factor To Any Outfit

5 Basics That Will Add A Cool Factor To Any Outfit
Wednesday 13 February 2019

It’s easy for Beyonce to slay every outfit with her seemingly unlimited budget and couture designer connections, but that’s not the case for the majority of us.  We are faced with the daily challenge of expressing our love for fashion while not breaking the bank. Let’s also acknowledge the elephant in the room – we love comfort!  Feeling good in what you step out in will undoubtedly amplify your confidence against any competition.

Instead of making your head spin with all the fast fashion trends that may be a no-go the very next week, it’s always a good idea to have key staples in your closet.  These five basics make it easy to pair and accessorize any outfit in a polished manner.



A well fitted leather moto jacket has been a fashion favorite for a while now.  The classic look can be layered on top of just about anything from a casual tee to a bodycon dress.

Ashley Benson in a Saint Laurent jacket



There’s nothing better than cozying up in an oversized hoodie.  With the prominent streetwear scene, it’s cooler than ever to rock a hooded sweatshirt from some of the top brands.  

Bella Hadid in a Marc Jacobs hoodie



Whether you prefer the term mom jeans, straight jeans, or boyfriend jeans, a loose fitting denim pant is one of the leading cuts.  Besides the comfort of a not-so thigh tight fit, many designers are playing around with distressed rips and cutoff hems to add a cool factor.

Amber Heard in Asos jeans



Instead of trying to mask the pain of wearing heels all day, trade those strappy sandals for some bulky sneakers.  The “ugly sneaker” trend is still in full swing and proving to be a staple. They’re comfortable and chic.

Hailey Bieber in Off-White sneakers



Running around the city or hitting up the stores can be a handful, so mine as well keep your hands free with a cute satchel.  These bags can be stand out pieces alone with a bold coloration or unique design.

Emma Roberts wearing a Fendi bag


Be sure to keep up on more of the latest fashion trends and looks from your favorite celebrities HERE.


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