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Melanie Martinez keeps it playful in Onesies

Melanie Martinez is a singer-songwriter. She was a student at Tisch School of the Arts. The actress starred in 2017 in the film 'Act Nice'.

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Melanie Martinez vs Lana Del Rey



Melanie Martinez
Lana Del Rey
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Melanie Martinez's favorite brands:
Jump From Paper
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Melanie Martinez's favorite brands:
Glitters For Dinner
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Melanie Martinez's favorite brands:
Lazy Oaf
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Melanie Martinez's favorite brands:
Little Sunny Bite "LSB"
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Melanie Martinez's favorite brands:
Binkies n Bows
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Melanie Martinez's favorite brands:
American Apparel
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Melanie Martinez's favorite brands:
Queen of Holloway
Melanie Martinez's favorite brands:
Melanie Martinez is literally perf 😍.

Melanie Martinez is literally perf 😍.

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Cry baby, Melanie martinez and Girls.

Cry baby, Melanie martinez and Girls.

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